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Print magazines are engaging.

They continue to thrive in the digital age, providing opportunity for both the publisher and the advertiser.

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    Multisensory experience

    Printed magazines trigger a number of senses - the tactile feeling of silky paper, the smell of ink or an added scent, the alluring visual elements such as photography, typography and attractive layout.

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    Distraction-free, deep reading

    Readers spend substantially more time with print magazines than they do with their digital counterparts, which are often skimmed through in less than a minute.

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    Magazines and the advertising offer readers inspiration. And inspiration often leads to purchase; Magazine content and ads are also talked about, creating a buzz among readers.

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    Ads are welcomed by readers

    In an age of banner blindness and pop-up killers, readers still welcome advertising in magazines which directly relate to their interests. Magazine printing companies provide the ideal platform for advertisers to build their brands.

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    Magazines are brands

    Successful publishers are growing their brands across multiple platforms. Readers of magazine brands that consumed content via more than one medium are the most appealing type of consumer for advertisers.

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    Targeted marketing

    Magazines tend to be highly specialized and reach niche audiences with an active interest in their subject matter. They provide a platform for highly targeted marketing.

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    Business opportunity

    Magazine publishers that understand their audience can monetize the reader’s passion for their brand through brand extensions such as events, TV programs and e-commerce.

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    Drive online sales

    Readers can seamlessly go online when reading a magazine via QR codes, Image Recognition, Augmented Reality and Near Field Communication, offering advertisers a way to link a print ad to a dedicated online offer.

As one of Sydney’s premier magazine printing companies, we produce millions of magazines each week for clients throughout the country.

Our direct, flexible approach to business ensures that you always have competitive print manufacturing options for your magazines, combined with the highest levels of service. With four decades of experience, we will go above and beyond to help you get the best result for your business.



Certified and recycled paper options for every budget.

Choose the paper weight, finish (glossy, silk, matte or uncoated) and colour that best meets the personality and budget of your magazine.

With direct access to most sustainable paper mills from around the world, our magazine printing services here in Sydney include a wide choice of environmentally friendly papers, from high quality gloss stocks down to low-cost, super-calendered, coldset, or even 100% recycled newsprint grades.

Technology and processes for high-quality magazine printing services.

We continuously invest in the latest magazine printing technologies, in the training of a quality-conscious workforce, and in the implementation of quality monitoring systems across the entire manufacturing process.
In doing so, we ensure that everyone who receives your printed materials will view your business as truly professional.


Short or long-run web-offset printing? We've got you covered.

At Spotpress, whatever the quantity of your next magazine printing order, you will be treated as a highly valued customer. Our flexible, all-round printing capabilities and efficient workforce allow us to easily produce orders starting from just a few thousands of copies, ranging into the millions.

Enjoy a smooth client experience
. . . every step of the way.

We offer a turnkey solution thanks to our tightly integrated ancillary services.

Our full range of prepress services will meet any and all of your prepress needs and provide you with straightforward, cost-effective and seamless service. Using the industry's most advanced prepress printing technology, our experts swiftly and consistently prepare your files and images for the best possible reproduction on press as well as other media channels.


We can design your next publication.

Save time and money and let our experienced team take over the design of your publication. We will work closely with you to preserve and amplify your brand, ensuring your publication fulfills your revenue generation goals.


Great support and user-friendly systems.

Our skilled prepress team will work closely with your designers to optimise your files for perfect print reproduction. Your uploaded pages are processed and preflighted by our latest Agfa Apogee workflow software before providing you with proofs.


Grow your readers across all platforms.

While you focus on your core business of content creation, we can take care of all aspects of digital publishing. Your content can be automatically uploaded to customizable iOS and Android front-end apps. Capture addition revenue by integrating these apps into a subscription system.

Every day we leverage our knowledge and technologies to make print more immediate, more targeted and more relevant to your recipients than ever before. We work closely with you to ensure that you stay relevant in today's rapidly changing marketplace.


Enhance your print.

Our coating options and colour applications can add impact, character and robustness to your printed product. Choose from cello glazing, UV coating, machine varnishing or metallic colours.


Create new revenue opportunities.

We offer both machine and hand inserting for advertising material and editorial lift-outs. We support many product formats, from simply A5 flyers to complex multi-section tabloid lift-outs, most of which can be printed in-house in the most cost-effective manner. 


High engagement for your advertisers.

Give your advertisers the front and back cover without compromising your brand. Wrapped around your publication, an edition wrap is an engaging, high impact format. It allows your advertisers to build immediate brand awareness or drive response to a special offer.

Our postpress capabilities combine high-speed, high-quality binding with creative customisation. We offer you a variety of modern finishing techniques. Our automated processes are exceptionally efficient and allow us to fully focus on cost effectively producing value-added features that will seize your customers’ attention.


Create the personality of your publication.

A variety of binding options are available for your printed material including wire-stitching, inline glueing or PUR perfect-bounding. The choice will mainly be based on your budget and the thickness of your printed product. We can assist in recommending the best fit for you print job.


Catch the readers’ attention.

MemoStick contains a printed ad message on a self-adhesive sticker, like a post-it note. It is mechanically placed on the front of your publication. Memostick gives an advertising message a distinct front page presence to ensure it stands out. It can be peeled off and kept by readers – so prolonging the exposure of the message.


Bundle and protect multiple products.

Bundle multiple products in a biodegradable film wrap and protect your final product from outside elements and scuffing. Polywrapping seals your product for security so that it arrives clean and intact.

We provide comprehensive freight and distribution services for your printed product. We give you a single point of contact and accountability for your shipments. Our division drives down delivery costs by choosing the best method of shipment for delivering your product and then selecting the best carrier for each particular job. When planning transports, we take into account all logistic solutions, also non-standard ones.

Even on the road, your product is never out of our watchful eye. We can pinpoint the location of your product from the point of creation to its destination, provide delivery-confirmation and detailed reports to keep your performance on course.


Same or next-day delivery to major cities.

Whether your catalogue is destined for one single address or a hundred locations throughout Australia, our dedicated dispatch department, internal fleet of vans and strategic partnerships with leading transport carriers has you covered. 


Penetrate your market, reliably.

If your product is delivered to households within a specific geographical region such as a group of suburbs, we can provide a cost-effective distribution process that is 100% reliable, efficient, and above all, honest.


Leverage postal discounts.

Postage costs are continually rising and often represent more than half your production costs. If you intend to mail some or all of your catalogue, our mailing team will carefully review and pre-sort your data files for maximum discounts.

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We are over the moon with the quality of these two products. A big thank you from us here at Bauer.


Peter Holder | Publisher – Hearst Titles


Our readers love the "new look" Spotpress has given us. It's a winner!

John Leah | Publisher


Compared to all the other companies I got quotes from, Spotpress was by far the most helpful.

Nicole Georgiadis | Executive Sponsorship Officer


Our client are stoked, nice work and thanks!

Kris Furst | Director


You complement our goal of delivering perfection! 


Kerry Clarke | Business Development Manager


Mag was great - best one we've ever done!

Rod Kenning | General Manager


Thanks for the extraordinarily quick turnaround and great quality print.

Darren Moss | Production Manager


The whole team were so happy with the result – the finished product is fantastic!

Justine Garcia de Heer | Project Manager


It's great to see that a company like Spotpress stands behind its core values with regards to customer service.

John Bryson | Editor-In-Chief


A sincere thanks to all involved in going above and beyond with my order. I will be raving about Spotpress to all our future teams!


Norma Jean Cooper


You've set the bar even higher this month with an incredibly good print job and unbelievable turnaround time....


Mark Brooker | Publisher & Proprietor


I really appreciate how hard you worked to get the publication within our budget.


Simon Chu | Director of Operations, Asia Pacific


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